Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Christmas Bomb has hit the old Homestead

Well, when even the neighbours start nagging about the Christmas Decorations not being up, it's time to take action.  It has been a very busy time, the last five weeks, yes we are five weeks old and the old homestead has been a bit neglected, so up into the attic I went last night and with the kids help hauled down the many boxes, it's not all up yet but it's a start.

I particularly love my new stocking with my name embroidered on it.  As the other half is still tripping the light fantastic and going to Europe with the youngest, there better be something in that stocking on Christmas morning because I will not be out playing in the snow.

Thanks to everyone that has supported Shop 51 over the last few weeks and found us, especially the lovely AM, from the House that AM Built and that other beautiful lady from Red Roses and Crystal.  We are incredibly overwhelmed by the love and support we have received.

My mother in Laws handmade wreath and stocking 25 years old

The Traditional Hatrack adorned with stockings and Santas

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Eiffel Tower Ornaments (available in a pair at Shop 51)

My New Stocking

Grace & Kelly say hello

PS:  There is a rumour that a hole in the wall coffee shop will be popping up soon in the storage area next to the shop.  And it is going to be called Nowhere.  Stay tuned.


  1. Very exciting to hear the coffee shop is on it's way Denise. A-M and I will be visiting that's a given!

  2. Love those Eiffel Tower ornaments! Good to see the Christmas stocking and wreath are ageing gracefully. I have a newborn baby I need to visit in Lodge St, Toowong (around the corner)- so will have to pop in some time x

  3. Thanks for commenting, I am new to this Blogging business, but learning, the Eiffel Towers are gorgeous, sold in a set of two, we love being here in Toowong, we joined the Bowls Club and are slowly becoming locals. You all have made us feel so welcome, it's a real community we are going to the Lodge Street, Christmas party, tomorrow, might see you there.