Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Christmas is Over It's time to hit the Beach

Well it's always a bit sad when Christmas is over, but up here in Queensland, it's time to hit the beach.  While the OH (other half) is still tripping the light fantastic in Edinburgh and then off to London before the whirlwind tour ends.  He needs to make a stop off to pick up my oak swing, just out of London.  And then it will probably cost the price of a ticket to get it home, will leave the negotiations up to him and Qantas.  Then it will hung under our old poinciana tree in the back yard.  Will send a visual of that when it lands in Brissie.

I was up at Mooloolaba on the weekend and it was packed, so good to see the restaurants and shops doing a roaring trade.

We are just back today and we have stocked up on some lovely new fashion, sarongs, big colourful beach bags, sun hats and towels, come in and see us, we have a lovely selection, everything you need before you head off on that sunny holiday.

                                                                          So cute!!!

                                                          I Love these luggage tags.

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