Sunday, 6 January 2013

A Swing to Die For

I have longed for this swing for a couple of years.  We have a big old piociana tree out back that hangs over our new pool, I know, leaves galore but this automated robot manages to clear most of it.

As you know the OH (other half) went on that damned trip without me, so I am getting my swing.  The kids and him caught 2 trains, then hired a car and drove to the foot of the Cotswolds to pick it up from the beautiful Marnie who carves these matserpieces out of oak.  What a man, he travelled 7 hrs return trip to pick up this swing and still rang me to ask what products I wanted from boots.  It will board the Qantas flight home and arrive on Tuesday, I will send a visual when it is up in the tree.

Have a wonderful Sunday.  Come and visit me at the shop.

PS:  the coffee shop side area has started, my wonderful son Damien has dug the area out and now it's ready for pavers.

My Swing
Marnie's Workshop

The hire car - would have been a nice country drive!

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